Adidas Hjemly Polotrøje

Squadra 21 polo

With this Adidas Squadra 21 polo, you still get a lot of the good features that are in the game jersey, but then on also a more formal expression.
Like everything else in the Squadra 21 series, you get a front free of pressure, so you can decide for yourself which presses you want on the front.
This polo will also be an obvious choice for the more formal situations and for the people on the sidelines.
The polo is available in all common sizes and can therefore be used by both children and adults. In addition, the model is unisex, so it can also be used by ladies.

- Polo with buttons
- Unisex
- Clean design makes the jersey ideal for printing name, number, and club logo on
- Part of the new Squadra 21 series
Quality: 100% recycled polyester
Fit: Regular
Brand: Adidas   
Model: GK9556   
Product No: adi55364

Add prints of name, number, sponsor and logo.

Estimated delivery time: 2-10 business days